External Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) - by country

Worldmap of all countries colored to reflect the values of External Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI)
Major world economies by its current External Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI)
Major world economies by historical values of its External Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI)
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List of countries by External Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI)
Country NameView DataGlobal RankRegion & Regional RankExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) % of GNIYearGrowth/Decline % during the Great RecessionGrowth/Decline % during the last 10 years
SomaliaKey economic Indicators of SomaliaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Somalia1Sub-Saharan Africa | 128431-12-1990
SeychellesKey economic Indicators of SeychellesExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Seychelles2Sub-Saharan Africa | 220631-12-201289231
HungaryKey economic Indicators of HungaryExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Hungary3Europe & Central Asia | 117331-12-201258161
Papua New GuineaKey economic Indicators of Papua New GuineaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Papua New Guinea4East Asia & Pacific | 115431-12-2012-39.1128
BulgariaKey economic Indicators of BulgariaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Bulgaria5Europe & Central Asia | 210331-12-20127136
JamaicaKey economic Indicators of JamaicaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Jamaica6Latin America & Caribbean | 199.531-12-20123765
Kyrgyz RepublicKey economic Indicators of Kyrgyz RepublicExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Kyrgyz Republic7Europe & Central Asia | 399.131-12-2012-1.9-21.7
BelizeKey economic Indicators of BelizeExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Belize8Latin America & Caribbean | 295.431-12-20118.8
BhutanKey economic Indicators of BhutanExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Bhutan9South Asia | 187.131-12-2012-22.719
NicaraguaKey economic Indicators of NicaraguaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Nicaragua10Latin America & Caribbean | 386.731-12-201215-32.4
GeorgiaKey economic Indicators of GeorgiaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Georgia11Europe & Central Asia | 485.431-12-201214743
MauritaniaKey economic Indicators of MauritaniaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Mauritania12Sub-Saharan Africa | 382.331-12-201235-47.6
KazakhstanKey economic Indicators of KazakhstanExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Kazakhstan13Europe & Central Asia | 579.031-12-20122.70.7
RomaniaKey economic Indicators of RomaniaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Romania14Europe & Central Asia | 678.931-12-201264113
GrenadaKey economic Indicators of GrenadaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Grenada15Latin America & Caribbean | 478.631-12-20128.06.1
MoldovaKey economic Indicators of MoldovaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Moldova16Europe & Central Asia | 778.531-12-2012-5.1-29.2
UkraineKey economic Indicators of UkraineExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Ukraine17Europe & Central Asia | 877.931-12-20128439
São Tomé and PrincipeKey economic Indicators of São Tomé and PrincipeExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : São Tomé and Principe18Sub-Saharan Africa | 476.431-12-2012-70.7-79.6
ZimbabweKey economic Indicators of ZimbabweExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Zimbabwe19Sub-Saharan Africa | 575.531-12-20121118
Lao PDRKey economic Indicators of Lao PDRExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Lao PDR20East Asia & Pacific | 273.431-12-2012-5.5-59.5
ArmeniaKey economic Indicators of ArmeniaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Armenia21Europe & Central Asia | 972.931-12-2012765.0
MacedoniaKey economic Indicators of MacedoniaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Macedonia22Europe & Central Asia | 1070.031-12-20121355
GuyanaKey economic Indicators of GuyanaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Guyana23Latin America & Caribbean | 569.331-12-2012-29.1-66.8
LebanonKey economic Indicators of LebanonExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Lebanon24Middle East & North Africa | 168.431-12-2012-35.1-29.1
MontenegroKey economic Indicators of MontenegroExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Montenegro25Europe & Central Asia | 1168.331-12-201268
Cape VerdeKey economic Indicators of Cape VerdeExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Cape Verde26Sub-Saharan Africa | 667.931-12-2012-5.46.1
SamoaKey economic Indicators of SamoaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Samoa27East Asia & Pacific | 366.031-12-20123515
DjiboutiKey economic Indicators of DjiboutiExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Djibouti28Middle East & North Africa | 262.531-12-2005
DominicaKey economic Indicators of DominicaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Dominica29Latin America & Caribbean | 661.531-12-2012-17.2-26.1
Bosnia and HerzegovinaKey economic Indicators of Bosnia and HerzegovinaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Bosnia and Herzegovina30Europe & Central Asia | 1261.131-12-20121538
JordanKey economic Indicators of JordanExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Jordan31Middle East & North Africa | 359.831-12-2012-34.2-55.6
The GambiaKey economic Indicators of The GambiaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : The Gambia32Sub-Saharan Africa | 758.731-12-2012-49.1-45.2
TunisiaKey economic Indicators of TunisiaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Tunisia33Middle East & North Africa | 458.431-12-2012-3.7-16.4
El SalvadorKey economic Indicators of El SalvadorExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : El Salvador34Latin America & Caribbean | 758.131-12-2012-8.641
BelarusKey economic Indicators of BelarusExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Belarus35Europe & Central Asia | 1355.331-12-2012158139
MaldivesKey economic Indicators of MaldivesExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Maldives36South Asia | 254.531-12-20122355
AlbaniaKey economic Indicators of AlbaniaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Albania37Europe & Central Asia | 1453.131-12-201236106
MongoliaKey economic Indicators of MongoliaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Mongolia38East Asia & Pacific | 453.031-12-201212-33.1
TajikistanKey economic Indicators of TajikistanExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Tajikistan39Europe & Central Asia | 1552.731-12-201239-51.0
VanuatuKey economic Indicators of VanuatuExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Vanuatu40East Asia & Pacific | 548.231-12-20122.67.4
VietnamKey economic Indicators of VietnamExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Vietnam41East Asia & Pacific | 644.131-12-20121414
Sri LankaKey economic Indicators of Sri LankaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Sri Lanka42South Asia | 343.631-12-2012-0.3-24.9
TurkeyKey economic Indicators of TurkeyExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Turkey43Europe & Central Asia | 1643.131-12-201214-24.1
CambodiaKey economic Indicators of CambodiaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Cambodia44East Asia & Pacific | 742.931-12-2012-30.0-39.9
ComorosKey economic Indicators of ComorosExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Comoros45Sub-Saharan Africa | 842.231-12-2012-23.6-60.3
MauritiusKey economic Indicators of MauritiusExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Mauritius46Sub-Saharan Africa | 942.131-12-20128.8116
Côte d'IvoireKey economic Indicators of Côte d'IvoireExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Côte d'Ivoire47Sub-Saharan Africa | 1041.731-12-2012-14.9-61.9
TanzaniaKey economic Indicators of TanzaniaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Tanzania48Sub-Saharan Africa | 1141.431-12-201225-38.0
TongaKey economic Indicators of TongaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Tonga49East Asia & Pacific | 840.931-12-201216-6.7
St. LuciaKey economic Indicators of St. LuciaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : St. Lucia50Latin America & Caribbean | 840.331-12-20120.0-3.4
SudanKey economic Indicators of SudanExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Sudan51Sub-Saharan Africa | 1240.331-12-2012-22.8-64.9
ThailandKey economic Indicators of ThailandExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Thailand52East Asia & Pacific | 938.231-12-2012-3.1-25.6
St. Vincent and the GrenadinesKey economic Indicators of St. Vincent and the GrenadinesExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : St. Vincent and the Grenadines53Latin America & Caribbean | 938.131-12-2012-19.3-3.5
South AfricaKey economic Indicators of South AfricaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : South Africa54Sub-Saharan Africa | 1336.631-12-20122728
NigerKey economic Indicators of NigerExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Niger55Sub-Saharan Africa | 1436.331-12-201211-58.1
MoroccoKey economic Indicators of MoroccoExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Morocco56Middle East & North Africa | 536.031-12-20120.3-21.5
MalaysiaKey economic Indicators of MalaysiaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Malaysia57East Asia & Pacific | 1035.531-12-2012-0.1-30.7
SenegalKey economic Indicators of SenegalExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Senegal58Sub-Saharan Africa | 1535.131-12-201242-55.4
Costa RicaKey economic Indicators of Costa RicaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Costa Rica59Latin America & Caribbean | 1033.031-12-2012-11.14.6
MozambiqueKey economic Indicators of MozambiqueExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Mozambique60Sub-Saharan Africa | 1632.931-12-20121.7-74.2
Solomon IslandsKey economic Indicators of Solomon IslandsExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Solomon Islands61East Asia & Pacific | 1132.631-12-2012-3.7-38.7
EritreaKey economic Indicators of EritreaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Eritrea62Sub-Saharan Africa | 1732.531-12-2012-16.6-56.6
GhanaKey economic Indicators of GhanaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Ghana63Sub-Saharan Africa | 1832.331-12-201253-73.0
MalawiKey economic Indicators of MalawiExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Malawi64Sub-Saharan Africa | 1931.731-12-2012-18.3-71.3
PanamaKey economic Indicators of PanamaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Panama65Latin America & Caribbean | 1131.631-12-2012-9.6-47.3
MaliKey economic Indicators of MaliExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Mali66Sub-Saharan Africa | 2031.331-12-2012-5.6-65.2
KosovoKey economic Indicators of KosovoExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Kosovo67Europe & Central Asia | 1731.331-12-2012
LesothoKey economic Indicators of LesothoExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Lesotho68Sub-Saharan Africa | 2131.331-12-20122.0-52.4
Guinea-BissauKey economic Indicators of Guinea-BissauExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Guinea-Bissau69Sub-Saharan Africa | 2231.231-12-2012-23.5-93.8
KenyaKey economic Indicators of KenyaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Kenya70Sub-Saharan Africa | 2331.131-12-2012-5.6-34.5
MexicoKey economic Indicators of MexicoExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Mexico71Latin America & Caribbean | 1230.731-12-20122322
GuatemalaKey economic Indicators of GuatemalaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Guatemala72Latin America & Caribbean | 1330.331-12-20129.237
LiberiaKey economic Indicators of LiberiaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Liberia73Sub-Saharan Africa | 2430.231-12-2012-80.3-96.5
IndonesiaKey economic Indicators of IndonesiaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Indonesia74East Asia & Pacific | 1229.931-12-2012-11.6-59.8
MadagascarKey economic Indicators of MadagascarExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Madagascar75Sub-Saharan Africa | 2529.931-12-201217-71.5
HondurasKey economic Indicators of HondurasExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Honduras76Latin America & Caribbean | 1429.931-12-2012-27.4-58.7
Dominican RepublicKey economic Indicators of Dominican RepublicExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Dominican Republic77Latin America & Caribbean | 1529.731-12-2012-5.614
Sierra LeoneKey economic Indicators of Sierra LeoneExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Sierra Leone78Sub-Saharan Africa | 2629.531-12-2012-56.4-74.1
PeruKey economic Indicators of PeruExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Peru79Latin America & Caribbean | 1629.431-12-2012-8.7-42.8
ZambiaKey economic Indicators of ZambiaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Zambia80Sub-Saharan Africa | 2727.631-12-201222-85.3
BeninKey economic Indicators of BeninExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Benin81Sub-Saharan Africa | 2827.431-12-201245-52.7
BoliviaKey economic Indicators of BoliviaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Bolivia82Latin America & Caribbean | 1727.231-12-2012-31.8-58.9
ParaguayKey economic Indicators of ParaguayExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Paraguay83Latin America & Caribbean | 1827.231-12-2012-24.1-48.9
BurundiKey economic Indicators of BurundiExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Burundi84Sub-Saharan Africa | 2927.031-12-2012-68.0-81.6
ArgentinaKey economic Indicators of ArgentinaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Argentina85Latin America & Caribbean | 1926.331-12-2012-24.5-82.9
CongoKey economic Indicators of CongoExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Congo86Sub-Saharan Africa | 3026.131-12-2012-46.0-89.0
Central African RepublicKey economic Indicators of Central African RepublicExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Central African Republic87Sub-Saharan Africa | 3125.831-12-2012-60.8-76.6
PakistanKey economic Indicators of PakistanExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Pakistan88South Asia | 425.531-12-201219-45.2
PhilippinesKey economic Indicators of PhilippinesExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Philippines89East Asia & Pacific | 1324.631-12-2012-30.3-66.8
EthiopiaKey economic Indicators of EthiopiaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Ethiopia90Sub-Saharan Africa | 3224.331-12-20127.3-71.3
Burkina FasoKey economic Indicators of Burkina FasoExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Burkina Faso91Sub-Saharan Africa | 3324.031-12-201219-50.8
TogoKey economic Indicators of TogoExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Togo92Sub-Saharan Africa | 3422.631-12-2012-25.6-79.5
UgandaKey economic Indicators of UgandaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Uganda93Sub-Saharan Africa | 3522.531-12-201242-66.0
ColombiaKey economic Indicators of ColombiaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Colombia94Latin America & Caribbean | 2022.431-12-2012-1.5-34.4
AngolaKey economic Indicators of AngolaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Angola95Sub-Saharan Africa | 3621.631-12-2012-10.8-76.8
IndiaKey economic Indicators of IndiaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : India96South Asia | 520.831-12-2012112.0
BangladeshKey economic Indicators of BangladeshExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Bangladesh97South Asia | 620.631-12-2012-17.2-38.4
EcuadorKey economic Indicators of EcuadorExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Ecuador98Latin America & Caribbean | 2120.331-12-2012-43.9-65.8
BrazilKey economic Indicators of BrazilExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Brazil99Latin America & Caribbean | 2219.931-12-2012-3.1-58.3
NepalKey economic Indicators of NepalExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Nepal100South Asia | 719.531-12-2012-22.3-60.7
VenezuelaKey economic Indicators of VenezuelaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Venezuela101Latin America & Caribbean | 2319.431-12-2012-21.7-53.0
FijiKey economic Indicators of FijiExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Fiji102East Asia & Pacific | 1419.131-12-20125399
ChadKey economic Indicators of ChadExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Chad103Sub-Saharan Africa | 3718.831-12-2012-22.1-71.7
BotswanaKey economic Indicators of BotswanaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Botswana104Sub-Saharan Africa | 3817.831-12-201230894
GuineaKey economic Indicators of GuineaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Guinea105Sub-Saharan Africa | 3917.631-12-2012-32.7-83.7
RwandaKey economic Indicators of RwandaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Rwanda106Sub-Saharan Africa | 4017.531-12-201119
GabonKey economic Indicators of GabonExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Gabon107Sub-Saharan Africa | 4117.331-12-2012-59.1-78.2
UzbekistanKey economic Indicators of UzbekistanExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Uzbekistan108Europe & Central Asia | 1816.631-12-2012-22.1-69.3
AzerbaijanKey economic Indicators of AzerbaijanExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Azerbaijan109Europe & Central Asia | 1916.331-12-2012-20.6-41.3
EgyptKey economic Indicators of EgyptExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Egypt110Middle East & North Africa | 615.731-12-2012-33.3-52.1
CameroonKey economic Indicators of CameroonExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Cameroon111Sub-Saharan Africa | 4214.831-12-2012-24.0-85.3
HaitiKey economic Indicators of HaitiExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Haiti112Latin America & Caribbean | 2414.631-12-2012-28.4
AfghanistanKey economic Indicators of AfghanistanExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Afghanistan113South Asia | 814.631-12-201144
SwazilandKey economic Indicators of SwazilandExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Swaziland114Sub-Saharan Africa | 4313.331-12-201212-49.9
ChinaKey economic Indicators of ChinaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : China115East Asia & Pacific | 159.231-12-2012-24.7-28.6
Syrian Arab RepublicKey economic Indicators of Syrian Arab RepublicExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Syrian Arab Republic116Middle East & North Africa | 76.731-12-2012-37.4-93.1
IranKey economic Indicators of IranExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Iran117Middle East & North Africa | 85.631-12-2009-40.8
NigeriaKey economic Indicators of NigeriaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Nigeria118Sub-Saharan Africa | 444.231-12-201253-92.6
AlgeriaKey economic Indicators of AlgeriaExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Algeria119Middle East & North Africa | 93.331-12-20111.1
TurkmenistanKey economic Indicators of TurkmenistanExternal Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI) : Turkmenistan120Europe & Central Asia | 201.631-12-2012-64.9-96.6
Total external debt stocks to gross national income. Total external debt is debt owed to nonresidents repayable in currency, goods, or services. Total external debt is the sum of public, publicly guaranteed, and private nonguaranteed long-term debt, use of IMF credit, and short-term debt. Short-term debt includes all debt having an original maturity of one year or less and interest in arrears on long-term debt. GNI (formerly GNP) is the sum of value added by all resident producers plus any product taxes (less subsidies) not included in the valuation of output plus net receipts of primary income (compensation of employees and property income) from abroad.
Datasource: Workbank - World Development Indicators