BusinessBusiness Environment
Confidence Indicators
Logistics Performance
Debt, Current Account Balance and Budget DeficitBudget surplus (+) or deficit (-)
Current Account Balance (Percentage of GDP)
Current Account Balance (Total)
External Debt per Capita
External Debt (Percentage of GDP)
External Debt Stocks (Percentage of GNI)
Public debt (Percentage of GDP)
Short-term debt (percentage of total external debt)
External Debt (Total)
DemographicsDiabetes prevalence
GINI index
Intentional homicides
Land per Capita
Population density
Population Growth
Religions and Ethnicity
Total fertility rate
Total Population
Economy sectors
GDP decomposition by sector
GDP growth rate
GDP - Official Exchange Rate
GDP per Capita (PPP)
GDP - Purchasing Power Parity
GDP PPP per land area
Harmonized Indices of Consumer Prices
Reserves of foreign exchange and gold
Unemployment Rate (not seasonally adjusted)
Unemployment Rate (seasonally adjusted)
ElectricityElectricity - installed generating capacity
Electricity production by source
Electricity production, consumption, imports and exports
GeographyAverage yearly precipitation
Highest and Lowest Point
Total Area
GovernmentGovernment expenditure (Total)
Government expenditure (% of GDP)
Government and MilitaryMilitary
Technology and InfrastructureFixed broadband Internet subscribers
Internet users
Mobile cellular subscriptions
Vehicles per km of road
Vehicles per 1000 people
TourismInternational tourism, number of arrivals
International tourism, number of departures
Yearly Tourist arrivals to residents ratio