Brunei : Business Environment: Taxes

Brunei Darussalam : Business Environment: Taxes
Infographic SummaryA typical Business in Brunei Darussalam has to pay 27 taxes, consuming a total time of 96 Hours to fully prepare and pay taxes. The Total tax rate on businesses in Brunei Darussalam is 16.8 (% of commercial profits), being the #202 highest business tax rate in the world. The Total tax rate is the sum of the following taxes:
  1. The Labor tax and contributions paid by a business in Brunei Darussalam is 8.50 % of the business's commercial profits.
  2. The Profit tax paid by businesses in Brunei Darussalam is 8.30 % of the commercial profits.
Tax payments (number)Tax payments by businesses are the total number of taxes paid by businesses, including electronic filing. The tax is counted as paid once a year even if payments are more frequent.
Time to prepare and pay taxes (hours)Time to prepare and pay taxes is the time, in hours per year, it takes to prepare, file, and pay (or withhold) three major types of taxes: the corporate income tax, the value added or sales tax, and labor taxes, including payroll taxes and social security contributions.
Total tax rate (% of commercial profits)Total tax rate measures the amount of taxes and mandatory contributions payable by businesses after accounting for allowable deductions and exemptions as a share of commercial profits. Taxes withheld (such as personal income tax) or collected and remitted to tax authorities (such as value added taxes, sales taxes or goods and service taxes) are excluded.
Labor tax and contributions (% of commercial profits)Labor tax and contributions is the amount of taxes and mandatory contributions on labor paid by the business.
Other taxes payable by businesses (% of commercial profits)Other taxes payable by businesses include the amounts paid for property taxes, turnover taxes, and other small taxes such as municipal fees and vehicle and fuel taxes.
Profit tax (% of commercial profits)Profit tax is the amount of taxes on profits paid by the business.
Data Source: Worldbank, World Development Indicators