Mecometer news and updates

July 12, 2014
All the information, tables, charts and infographics on Mecometer were updated using the latest available data from the Worldbank, CIA Factbook and the Eurostat.

August 17, 2013
1- Eurostat Data, Worldbank (World Development Indicators) Data and CIA factbook data are now up-to-date to the latest available data (August 15, 2013)
2- The infographic module is online

Infographic Samples:
Electricity Infographic: Australia : Electricity Sector Statistics
Population Infographic: China : Population Statistics
Debt Statistics & Infographic: India : Debt Detailed Statistics and Infographic
Manufacturing Statistics: Germany : Manufacturing Statistics
GDP Composition Breakdown: United States : GDP Composition Breakdown
Imports Detailed Statistics: United Kingdom : Imports Detailed Statistics
Exports Detailed Statistics: France : Exports Detailed Statistics
July 17,2013
After 100 days of hard-work, Mecometer is alive and online.